Welcome to my blog. Currently I am using this for my Sims 3 custom content. Please do not claim my content as your own or upload to the exchange or pay sites.


Something a little different...

Someone, although I'm not mentioning any names (annyway), happened to mention that some of my art could really use Simlish writing. So...I present to you a diagram of the heart with two recolors, one with Simlish writing and the other with English.

Second I have some art by Kimberly Poloson. The originals are, of course, in English. I also did recolors in Simlish.

Both are on base game meshes. The download zip contains two sim3packs and two packages. They are clearly labeled so if you don't want both you can install just the one you want.



"Great Sites" links

You've probably noticed by now the links to a bunch of great sim sites in my sidebar. I'm not sure what the etiquette is regarding linking to someone's site, so if I've linked to yours and you would rather I didn't, please let me know. I apologize in advance if I've offended anyone. I also took the liberty of creating a very basic button for a site if I couldn't find one. If you have something you would rather me use, again, please let me know.


Charming Angles Farm

Two updates in one day!! Yay.

I have my first shared house. Just a warning, I like to make big houses. This house is currently located in Riverview at 345 Riverblossom Hills Drive, but it can be put anywhere there is a 60x60 lot. It costs §171,154. Yeah, definitely not a starter home.

This is a lovely house with large fruit, veggie, and flower gardens. It includes a fountain in the front yard, a pool in the back yard with a view into the basement, and a fully stocked pond that you can fish in right from your back door! The ground floor contains a two-car garage, guest suite with full bath, and party room with half bath. The main floor has a spacious living room, well appointed kitchen, large dining room, two person study, bath with laundry, and two decks. The top floor has three bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, and a family activity room. The large master suite also has its own private deck. The basement is unfinished and could be used for more bedrooms, storage, hobbies, or anything else that your heart desires.

Custom Content (not included):
Alpine Windows by Cyclonesue
Oxford Windows by Mutske

Non-base game items:
Get Up, Get Down Dance Floor (Small) - Late Night
Roundabout Spiral Staircase - Generations
The Clothing Dehydrator Dryer - Ambitions
The Cleanesque Alpha Washing Machine - Ambitions
Great Haven Bunk Bed - Generations
Joe's Bean Bag Chair - Generations
ExoEdge Gaming System by ReliableWare - Generations
Prudence Pennypincher's Portable Piano - Late Night
All Aflutter Flies - Generations
Various Fruit - Word Adventures

To view all pictures of the house, please click here.


Original Artwork

Today I have something a little different for you. A funny (well I think so, anyway) painting for your Sims. The mesh is a base game painting. I found the saying online, but the artwork and composition is all my own. The saying is: "I dream of a better world where chicken can cross roads without having their motives questioned." Enjoy!